Is building a startup difficult?

Is building a startup easy

The question should be “What is the only thing that matters when we are building a startup?”

Startup: From Ideas to reality

This blog will not be about “Is building a startup difficult?” but it will be more about “The only thing that matters”

When I talk to people the way people see startups is

Have an idea -> Build a product -> Find the right customer

But I feel the approach should be reversed as

Have an idea -> Find the customers -> Build a product

The only important thing when you have an idea is whether you have customers who can pay for your product. Then comes the product and the team. Your product shouldn’t need marketing to spread, it’s your customers who should be spreading it. Try to build something that is adding value to people, not to you.

How to know if what you have built is valuable to your customers?

Ask people who will be using it before it is built

  • We are facing the “XYZ problem”. Do you also face this?
  • If yes, “How do you solve this?” If no “Try to know why you faced it and they didn’t”
  • Ask them if there was something that could be a potential solution, and will they pay 1Rs for it

If you are getting answers to these as expected then you have the market, now you need to tap it. Build an amazing product and let people enjoy it!

But waitttttttttttttttttttt!

There will be a lot of people who will tell me “Bro, I already have a product. I know that this is a problem because I have faced it. Now tell me what matters?

My answer still will be “customers”. But now in your case since you have the product you just need to check the market fit. To check ask your customers “How would you feel if you could no longer use the product?”. If they tell you “Very Disappointed” then congrats you have the fit!

Now you already know how to find the market fit and the only thing that matters for a business.

TBH, I learned this from my dad. He used to say “Customer bhagwan hai beta, we are getting bread and butter from them”. I never understood the sentiment behind what he wanted to say but now after building my own business, I can relate.

Would love to write to you more!

Keep reading, keep learning!


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