Is building a startup easy?

Startup journey

A lot of you ask me a very similar question. After doing your masters why did you not do a job? Why startup? Is startup easy?

TBH I never wanted to do a job. I have always seen my dad doing business so wanted to do business. But the 2023 trend in India after shark tank is “I have a business Idea, I can do a startup”

But my suggestion would be “Don’t do it just because others are doing it, or because others are getting crores of funding”. A startup is not a one or two-year thing. You need to put your heart and soul into building a business out of your so-called idea.

So you mean that it’s difficult, right? No, it’s not but expecting it to give you returns in 1or 2-years is not a good idea. As human beings, we want quick and easy returns but we forget that everything comes at a cost. Maybe time maybe money!

I read Ashneer’s book “Doglapan” and I really feel that if you want to do a startup you should read it! (Not doing any promotion) I really loved the way he has unfolded the life of an entrepreneur and the way he dealt with everything that came along!

And being an entrepreneur I feel is anything you want to do from your heart is easy and achievable. You just need to work in the right direction and do it the right way.

The next question that might come to your mind “But how will I know if the path I am following is right?” You don’t need to decide. Read what all others have done. Learn from their experiences. See what they feel was best for them and at the end just listen to your customers.

You came till here that means you found something that kept you stuck. I really appreciate that you have put so much time to hear me.

Will keep writing for you and listening from you on!

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